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NB: It is illegal to offer/supply 'Optional Insurance' in sport in Australia.


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Are you ready to play?

Do you have a full netball team ready to play netball? Is it Mixed or Ladies as we do both? If so you can join as a team and start playing netball in no time. We have seasons beginning throughout the year so you can join at any time. It's fantastic for an off-sight activity too!


Join our umpire community

Do you have a passion for umpiring? Are you already badged? You’ll love umpiring with Melbourne Social Netball. We are always on the lookout for passionate professional umpires to join out supportive community. 

Play netball and get social!

Make new friends, socially network, play netball and have fun while playing (exercise in disguise) and be a part of the most safely run Social Netball Competitions in Melbourne for Mixed and Ladies teams. All players must be over 18 years old.

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Read all the latest news, advice and stay up to date on the netball scene in Melbourne with our regularly updated news section. It's the perfect place to find helpful articles and information to get you organised as you actively improve your netball skills.

Fast5 netball

Welcome to Fast5 netball. This is NOT the same game as the traditional netball played with 7 players on the court and 12 players within that team. Our Australian Fast5 team is called “The Flyers’ and have not yet reached higher than 3rd in the global ranking of the game.