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Individuals joining our Social Mixed and Ladies Netball Teams

We know that in our busy world, it can be hard to find seven friends who can all play netball on the same night and that's why we created Team Building Teams/TBT. We make it easier for you to play netball.

TBT are ladies and mixed teams that allow individuals to apply and be placed in one social netball team (mainly all made up of individuals like yourself) so that you an play netball. You can be a newbie to netball or outdated - we don't care. Our game Umpires coach you anyway to help you achieve success. This is a great way to get more sociable and discover new friends. It's even better if you're new to Melbourne.

You can apply with just yourself or with a group of your own friends! It doesn't matter to us. All that matters is that we know how many people we have who want to be placed into a Melbourne Netball team so that they can play each week.

We take new players for teams every season so will find a team for you. 

When you apply to be join a TBT team click onto the venue below and choose the night and venue.

*you must apply with FEWER than 5 friends otherwise you register as a Team via the Teams tab.  

Direct all your questions to

Please follow our instructions below to apply as an Individual Player: Pay first and then you will be redirected to the Registration Form to complete. 

  1. Choose your venue and night you wish to apply you can visit the venue links to see season dates for each venue
  2. Ensure any friends you are wanting to join a team with apply on the same day
  3. Click onto the PayPal button and pay $180 (for a min of 12 game season) 
  4. Download this receipt(or take a screenshot showing the amount and date) that is proof of your PayPal payment - you will then be returned to the Melbourne Netball page to complete the registration form. 
  5. Upload your downloaded receipt from PayPal within the upload box on the form.
  6. Fill in all the required fields in the registration form below.
  7. This is a NON-REFUNDABLE payment (unless we can't get a team going of course!) 
  8. We will be in contact the Friday before the season starts via a welcome email introducing you to your team members and providing all the relevant info for playing with Melbourne Netball. 

Please Follow the Steps for the paypal payment.

  1. Use the Pay-pal button below to pay
  2. Choose the Amount:
  3. Upload the Online receipt to the the Team Building Player Registration Form.
I agree this is a NON-REFUNDABLE payment.