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Get social with Melbourne Social Netball. We provide nightly social mixed and ladies netball competitions for over 19 years of age. You’ll love taking part in our active, friendly and social community filled with like minded people. If you have a team and you’re ready to join Melbourne Social Netball you can sign up at the bottom of this page.

If your business is looking for an off-sight activity, then this is definitely the sport that will build strong and trusting relationships amongst your fellow workers. The sport offers speed, agility and instant co-operation to achieve the goal.

Established since 1996, Melbourne Netball have many years experience in organising netball seasons around Melbourne and are always looking to place new teams. 

Unlike other local competitions, we are focused solely on your safety at all times and still hold the lowest accident rate in Victoria. 

Our Game Umpires are especially selected and trained in sport psychology to assess the players' needs at a greater level of service. 

We also offer a wonderful online community with our Facebook page and Twitter account that opens players up to a new world of netball from across the globe.   

Please Follow the Steps for the paypal payment then you complete the Registration form. 

  1. Obtain all the Date-of-birth/email/mobile of each player BEFORE you start this process
  2. Check the length of your season, start dates and playing times via the venue icon (on the bottom left of the screen). The length of the season will reflect how many games you will need to select.  
  3. Use the Pay-pal button below to pay the registration and insurance fee as well as the full season payments and if required you can add a ball and/or bibs to the payable amount. 
  4. Choose the relevant payment Amount from the dropdown box:
  5. Downoad your PAYPAL RECEIPT or take a screenshot of the completed payment for the next step once you are redirected back here to the Team registration form.   
  6. Upload the Online receipt to the the Team Registration Form and complete all the player information collected earlier. (you need a min of 5 players and will need to add a valid email and DOB for each)

Season Details for Teams:

There are 3 parts to Team Payments; 1. Team Registration and Insurance Fee, 2. Game Payments for each round of the season (1 and 2 are paid in 1 transaction when you register) and 3. $20 cash weekly umpire payment.

1. Team Registration & Insurance Fee is combined: Starting Round 1

$150.00 per team paid and uploaded with the application form.

NB: It is illegal to offer/supply 'Optional Insurance' in sport in Australia.


2. Weekly Game Cost is $70.00 (by the amount of weeks in your specific season) - online payments via our website ONLY (No Cash) Full season payments are required at the time of registration.

3. Weekly Umpire is $20.00 per game. Paid in cash directly to the umpire before the game.season payments are required at the time of registration