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This is the page that gives you all the details about playing on the court with Melbourne Netball.

What do you need to know before you play......

  • Forfeit fees are incurred if games are cancelled. First forfeit is a fine of $150.00 ($70 game fee already paid plus an additional $80 fine). There is an option to pay an additional $80 for the forfeit fee on the Team page. Just go to step 4 and scroll to the bottom of the list. Subsequent forfeits incur a fine of $220 ($70 game fee plus an additional $150 fine). There is an option to pay an additional $150 for the forfeit fee on the Team page. Just go to step 4 and scroll to the bottom of the list.
  • Game Times: 40 minutes. All teams must be available to play all time slots at set venues. Check the start times via the venue icons on the left of this page.
  • Re-grading at redraw: Across the first 3 games (if required). Refixture at round 4 in each season for late team enterance
  • Mixed Team Ratio: A Mixed team requires no less than 2 males and no more than 3 males on the court at any one time. Each male must cover one of the following positions to remain spread across all 3 thirds. One for GS/GA One for GK/GD One for WD/C/WA. Many teams have 4 males who alternate each quarter amongst themselves. (You can take the court with 5 players; a min of 1 male)
  • Netball Ball & Bibs: All teams must own their own netball and set of bibs.
  • Adding team members; You can add players to the team throughout the season, they just need to complete the team registration sign on form to ensure they are covered for finals and insurance.
  • Weekly actions; All teams need to tick off BEFORE the game the playing players for that week. No insurance cover is active until this process is completed and this record keeping also shows who will qualify for finals.


We now sell merchandise - you pay online and pick up at the venue.

1.Head to this page and select from the drop down box.

2.Then email your receipt to to let us know which venue you will be picking the netball gear up from so that we can make sure we have it in stock and the coordinator knows what you purchased.

You can buy;

  • Bright unique coloured bibs from MN for $70
  • New Waterproof MN branded netballs for $30. 
  • Netball tape $5 - buy direct at venue.  


By-Laws By-Laws (42 KB)

Player Misconduct Card Player Misconduct Card (343 KB)


We like to make playing netball as easy and safe as possible check out what you need to know about your uniform before taking the court. 

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Weather Procedures

Whether it is hot or cold weather find out what the procedures are so you can ensure you take the court to avoid a forfeit fine or know what the team should do in extreme conditions. 

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The top 4 teams (on the ladder) battle it out over 3 weeks for a spot in the Grand final.
Week 1 Semi Final = 1 vs 2 & 3 vs 4
Week 2 Preliminary Final = Loser of 1v2 Vs Winner of 3v4.
Week 3 Grand Final = Winner of Semi vs. Winner of Prelim
For more specific playing info ......Click Here.  

Final Details

Game Structure

What details do you need to know before you take the court about the game length, before you take the court, during and after the game? Click here to find out.

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Coaching Tips

Whether you are new to the game, returning after some time off or a regular here are some tips on position aim and ways the 7 positions should work together.

Coaching tips


Read all you need to know about ensuring you are registered correctly to be covered on our courts and what you need to know about claiming on the policy. 

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